Can You Hear Me Now? Good

An eraser is also known as a rubber, like Wimbledon Rubbers, and it a very popular article of stationery used by students and office goers worldwide. It is used to remove pencil markings and sometimes pen markings too. Pen marks can be removed by a special kind of eraser known as ink eraser. Erasers have a rubber consistency and initially were only in white color. The initial rubbers were rectangular. Wimbledon Removals However, these days modern techniques allow the manufacturing of eraser is any color and shape. Most pencils carry an eraser at one end. Regular and typical erasers are made of synthetic rubber however, specialized erasers may also contain plastic or vinyl or a gum like material. These are more expensive than normal and regular erasers. Synthetic soy based gum is used in other normal erasers and this is cheaper. Wimbledon rubbers are ideal for student or official use and have no parallel. These are quite popular and are of excellent quality.

The best part is that these rubbersare inexpensive and affordable by all. However, the quality is great and is nothing less than amazing. It removes the pencil marking completely leaving behind absolutely no trace. However, the paper quality and even the lead used are factors, which determine quality erasing. If either one is cheap or not of good quality no matter what eraser is used the page looks shabby. If for example the lead used is very hard and if excess pressure is applied, it can result in slight tearing of the paper and this cannot be repaired by any eraser. One must make sure that excess pressure is not applied while erasing for one could end up damaging the paper. For dust free and clean erasing students prefer Wimbledon erasers.

Wimbledon rubbers absorb the dust while cleaning and this is the quality of a good eraser. The darker the eraser is the better it has cleaned the surface of the paper. Scented and colored erasers are quite popular these days. However these erasers have a problem. The quality of erasing is affected adversely and hence these rubbers for students are not scented and colored. They are plain white and usually rectangular in shape very much like the erasers of initial times.

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